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Is SEO Important for Small Business?

In a world where it seems there are endless ways to market a business, not surprisingly, many questions arise as to what is right for your own business. A great way to address these questions is to really understand your business and how the different marketing and advertising tools work.

Let’s start with Google. We all know Google and most of us use it frequently, if not daily. But have you ever really thought about what it does? Simply stated it gives us what we are looking for. Once we find what we’re looking for, it gives us more information via reviews, content, providing locations, etc. If your business or a portion of your business is built on a customer base of consumers who say any of the following, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may very well be right for your business:

· “I’m in need of…”

· “I need help with…”

· “I’m looking for a reputable…”

· “I’m looking for…”

Below, I’ve put together some real life scenarios to see if SEO fits your business. Here are some statements that might send people searching on Google.

“I need a physician that can help me with…”

“I’m in need of a service that you don’t hear about every day. Where should I start looking?”

“I just had a car accident and I’ve been hurt, I need a reputable attorney…”

“My air conditioning unit just crashed, who should I call?”

“My car is making a weird noise, where can I find a reputable mechanic?”

“I’m looking to have a great evening with friends and family, what are some great places to go?”

“My dog is family too, who can I trust to care for her like I do?”

“My house just got pounded by a hail storm, I don’t want to deal with a shady roofing company, where can I find a reputable one?”

“I’m trying to figure out what product is best for me. There are so many options, so what is best for me?”

These are just a few examples of what might drive someone searching for a small business. If your business is the answer to one of these or similar types of questions, SEO would be very beneficial to your business. Put this in contrast with other forms of marketing and advertising. Other forms are intrusive, meaning they interrupt a person to tell that person about a new product or service that could make their life better or easier. SEO is more inclined for the business that generates their base from people who are actively searching for a credible business that can help them. SEO is not always the answer for these types of businesses, but it could be very effective in addressing these kind of questions from consumers and putting your business top of mind when they go searching.

Before any business spends money on marketing and advertising, they should always do a thorough needs analysis to discover their strengths, target customer, competition, etc. and have a strategy put in place. Junkyard Dog Marketing can help. Give us a call at (214) 455-8807 or email us at

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