With so many businesses in the market trying to reach their customers, it’s important for your business to have its own unique way of not just getting the customer’s attention, but leaving a positive impression about your business that stays in their head. When it’s time to purchase a product or service, you want your business’s brand to stand out above the rest. Be known before you’re needed is what we like to say. Whether it’s seen by consumers in social media videos, YouTube videos, or broadcast media, your business brand needs a way to stand above the rest.
Slogans and jingles are fabulous ways to brand your business and leave a lasting, positive impression on those who see your slogan or hear your jingle. We can all name a few slogans or catchy jingles that have been stuck in our heads over the years.


Here are some examples

Of business brands that have become household names through the power of a slogan and/or jingle. See if you can properly guess the company (and we bet you start singing some of them as you read them):


The above jingles/slogan are examples and were not created by Junkyard Dog Marketing.
Creating an effective slogan/jingle is easier than you probably think. And, it is a lot of fun to develop. In about an hour, our Rockwall digital marketing agency will learn about your business and present to you some general branding ideas. Once you agree that we have your business brand on target, we’ll get to work building a brand for your business that will leave a positive impression for years to come.
Watch the video above as we walk you through the process and see just how fun building your business’s brand can be.

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