Website design, build and maintenance

It’s a digital world now more than ever.  Does your business rely on a strong digital presence?  A first impression is a lasting impression. When a potential customer clicks on your website, what’s their experience?  What do they see? Are the hit with impressive imagery and content?  Is your website an accurate representation of your business?  As they navigate your website, are they getting the information they need?  Can they navigate with ease to find specifically what they are looking for?  Junkyard Dog Marketing has is an experienced digital marketing agency that will work with your business to ensure that your website design and build will give your visitors the experience that properly represents your business and that helps funnel business to your organization, whether it be online traffic or foot traffic.
Whether you are looking to build and entirely new website or just looking to improve your existing website, Junkyard Dog Marketing’s highly experienced website development team can design and build a website for your business that will not only look good and be extremely functional, but it will also help you get higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings (e.g., on Google searches) and better performance with Pay Per Click (PPC).  We constantly keep up with the changing algorithms on the most popular search engines, constantly keeping our clients at the top of customer searches.  As an experienced Rockwall SEO and web development agency, we can design and build your website for maximum optimization so that your business stays visible in the digital world. 
With constant changes and updates in the markets and website technology, search engine optimization changes daily.  A website maintenance plan can be very beneficial in keeping your business up to speed with these changes.  Junkyard Dog Marketing offers an affordable website maintenance plan, which ensures that your website is updated with regular frequency to keep up with these constant changes.  Or, if your website needs content changes, we work with you on a regular basis to make sure your content changes are implemented when you need them.  For example, if you want to make a change to a particular image on your website, post a picture of the latest job you completed, or upload your latest informational video, a website maintenance plan will have you covered.