Marketing Services

After 20 years in the industry, Dan the Junkyard Dog brings together a highly talented group of media specialists capable of tailoring a focused message and delivering it through modern, traditional, or unique avenues. Our business marketing service is not limited to any single form of communication which empowers us to drive your message in a way that fits your business. We offer Rockwall SEO, web development, graphic design, radio ads and a variety of other marketing services to get your brand name out to your customers. Call us to put a Junkyard Dog to work for you!

website design, build and maintenance

It’s a digital world now more than ever.  Does your business rely on a strong digital presence?  A first impression is a lasting impression. When a potential customer clicks on your website, what’s their experience?  What do they see? Are the hit with impressive imagery and content?  Is your website an accurate representation of your business?  As they navigate your website, are they getting the information they need?  Can they navigate with ease to find specifically what they are looking for?  Junkyard Dog Marketing has is an experienced digital marketing agency that will work with your business to ensure that your website design and build will give your visitors the experience that properly represents your business and that helps funnel business to your organization, whether it be online traffic or foot traffic. 

Whether you are looking to build and entirely new website or just looking to improve your existing website, Junkyard Dog Marketing’s highly experienced website development team can design and build a website for your business that will not only look good and be extremely functional, but it will also help you get higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings (e.g., on Google searches) and better performance with Pay Per Click (PPC).  We constantly keep up with the changing algorithms on the most popular search engines, constantly keeping our clients at the top of customer searches.  As an experienced Rockwall SEO and web development agency, we can design and build your website for maximum optimization so that your business stays visible in the digital world. 

With constant changes and updates in the markets and website technology, search engine optimization changes daily.  A website maintenance plan can be very beneficial in keeping your business up to speed with these changes.  Junkyard Dog Marketing offers an affordable website maintenance plan, which ensures that your website is updated with regular frequency to keep up with these constant changes.  Or, if your website needs content changes, we work with you on a regular basis to make sure your content changes are implemented when you need them.  For example, if you want to make a change to a particular image on your website, post a picture of the latest job you completed, or upload your latest informational video, a website maintenance plan will have you covered.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental tool in creating a dynamic and successful online presence. SEO is a strategy that is used by businesses to climb the search engine results ladder. Junkyard Dog provides a wide range of SEO marketing for local, national, and corporate clients. Our hands-on tailored approach allows us to accommodate our clients, whatever their needs might be. We pride ourselves in our heart and soul approach to providing measurable results to our clients.

We offer SEO services for businesses of all sizes. Local SEO is a strategy that allows local businesses to rank higher than competitors who are not local. These campaigns are high-performing and are tailored to companies seeking online visibility in a targeted area. We also offer campaigns that are targeted towards a local community as well as nationally. No matter what your digital marketing goals are, we have a plan that will work for you.

At Junkyard Dog Marketing, we build SEO campaigns that speak to the fundamental elements of SEO: business citations, content optimization, Google My Business listings, off-site, and technical SEO. Within the first month, you will be able to see search ranking improvements and in the long run you will see business growth. Customer service is our top priority, which is why our processes are streamlined to provide the very best client experience, while still maintaining the flexibility needed to tailor our services to the individual needs of those we serve. We provide cost-effective SEO marketing for local, national, and corporate campaigns that succeed in driving business growth.

When you let us build an SEO campaign for your business, you are investing in an online presence. A strong online presence in our digitally-driven world is one of the greatest assets a business can have. We are dedicated to crafting successful SEO strategies for our clients, that work for you and are genuine to the soul of your business. Let us help you get your message out to the online community with our specialized Rockwall SEO marketing for local, national, and corporate campaigns.


Does your business thrive on a loyal customer base? Radio stations deliver some of the most loyal audiences that can be directly transferred to your business through personality endorsements, commercials and promotions. Let our Rockwall radio advertising team’s experience help get your business connected with radio stations and personalities that will drive your message directly to your best customer.

10 Reasons why Radio Advertising maybe good for your business marketing strategy.

  • Diversity in programming gives radio advertisers niche channels allowing them to zero in on narrow target groups (e.g., sports talk radio may allow you to focus  on reaching men).
  • Advertisers can selectively speak to their desired consumers through various formats (e.g., country, rock, talk, etc.).
  • Brands can focus on key marketing areas through radio’s local/regional structure (e.g., target entire DFW metroplex).
  • 90% of people 12 years of age and older are reached by radio.  Radio is free to consumers and accessible 24/7.
    Businesses can reach 3 consumers 1 time instead of 1 consumer 3 times, thus, expanding the number of people who are reached.
  • Radio ads are very effective at reminding people of the brands they already know at the time they need a product or service (e.g., hearing a radio ad while commuting to work  to work reminding you of a service you need at home).
  • Radio delivers the frequency of ad exposure a consumer needs to get them to respond (i.e., ads are played multiple times so consumers often hear them frequently).
  • Compared to other forms of media, the cost of radio ads allows advertisers to have maximum impact using multiple stations to reach their targets and build frequency.
  • Radio is quickly adaptable, allowing advertisers to quickly change the message or the the manner of delivery of the message according to their marketplace and their own needs, therefore maintaining effective use of their advertising dollars.
  • Affordable production allows radio ads to be tailored to individual formats which appeals to the particular listener of that format.
  • Despite the numerous audio options today, radio continues to be the #1 source of music discovery.  People still listen to the radio!!
  • Listeners are extremely loyal to their favorite stations and typically have only a few stations of choice.  This allows you to increase the frequency with which they will hear your ad.
    Using high frequency of ads to listeners that tend to stay tuned for long periods of time, a big brand in radio can be front of mind.
  • Radio averages about 10 commercial minutes per hour (about 1/5 of each hour), affording an uncluttered environment.  TV only devotes approximately 1/3 of TV time to commercials and newspapers devote about  2/3 of the paper to ad copy.  As most of you know, social media uses are overwhelmed with advertising  and can sometimes tune it out.
  • Radio ads are less likely to be surrounded by a competitor’s spots.
  • Radio reaches consumers close to the location and time of purchase. Radio often reaches listeners in their cars while driving to stores, restaurants, etc.  I often change my mind on what to eat after I hear a radio ad that influences my decision.
  • Depending on where consumers are in their stages of the purchase cycle — on-going radio ads keeps advertisers front and center when people are ready to buy.
  • Radio listeners are often emotionally connected to their preferred stations, which can help consumers become interested in the advertised product or service
  • Radio is an excellent call to action.
  • Radio compliments other media and can increasea consumer’s recall of TV, newspaper, Internet ads, etc.  They may not have remembered the internet ad alone, but after hearing about it on the radio, it triggered the “I’ve heard that before” thought.
  • Because radio is an audio-only medium, it stimulates parts of the brain that video, print, online images typically do not.
  • Radio is a proven medium in driving website traffic.
  • Radio production (putting the radio ad together) costs less than TV, print, and some other forms of production.
  • A radio spot is less expensive to buy than other forms of major media which gives advertisers the ability to advertise more in order to create greater reach and frequency.



Every day the average consumer is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day ( Finding Brand Success In The Digital World. August 2017). There’s never been more competition in the marketplace when it comes to standing out in the crowd. Graphic design plays a very important role in that process. Whether it’s your company logo, ad design, or your website it’s important for a business to connect with their target customer in a manner that has impact. The challenges that must be met in order to do so are:

  1. Creating a logo design that is easily recognized and remembered by the consumer. Creating a logo that is highly recognizable from a distance or a glance. This is key in your business standing out in the crowd.
  2. Creating a brand that connects with your target customer. Understanding your target customer not just from a demographic approach but a lifestyle approach is key to making that connection.
  3. Creating a brand that is consistent with your company’s culture and customer experience. As a leading Rockwall graphic design company, we understand how important it is for customer experience and company culture to be in sync with each other, creating brand consistency.