Does your business thrive on a loyal customer base?

Radio stations deliver some of the most loyal audiences that can be directly transferred to your business through personality endorsements, promotions, advertisements, and commercials. Our Dallas radio advertising agency has the experience to help get your business connected with radio stations and personalities that will drive your message directly to your best customer.

Junkyard Dog Marketing in Dallas is a radio advertising agency that specializes in radio ad production. Let us help you expand your business with an effective radio marketing campaign!

10 Reasons
why Radio Advertising in Dallas may be good for your business marketing strategy.

  • Diversity in programming gives radio advertisers niche channels, allowing them to zero in on narrow target groups (e.g., sports talk radio may allow you to focus on reaching men).
  • Advertisers can selectively speak to their desired consumers through various formats (e.g., country, rock, talk, etc.).
  • Brands can focus on key marketing areas through radio’s local/regional structure (e.g., target entire DFW metroplex).
  • 90% of people 12 years of age and older are reached by radio.  Radio is free to consumers and accessible 24/7.
  • Businesses can reach 3 consumers 1 time instead of 1 consumer 3 times, thus, expanding the number of people who are reached.
  • Radio ads are very effective at reminding people of the brands they already know at the time they need a product or service (e.g., hearing a radio ad while commuting to work, reminding you of a service you need at home).
  • Radio delivers the frequency of ad exposure a consumer needs to get them to respond (i.e., ads are played multiple times so consumers often hear them frequently).
  • Compared to other forms of media, the cost of radio ads allows advertisers to have maximum impact using multiple stations to reach their targets and build frequency.
  • Radio is quickly adaptable, allowing advertisers to quickly change the message or the manner of delivery of the message according to their marketplace and their own needs, therefore maintaining effective use of their advertising dollars.
  • Affordable production allows radio ads to be tailored to individual formats that appeal to the particular listener of that format.
  • Despite the numerous audio options today, radio continues to be the #1 source of music discovery.  People still listen to the radio!!
  • Listeners are extremely loyal to their favorite stations and typically have only a few stations of choice.  This allows you to increase the frequency with which they will hear your ad.
  • Using high frequency of ads to listeners that tend to stay tuned for long periods of time, a big brand in radio can be front of mind.
  • Radio averages about 10 commercial minutes per hour (about 1/5 of each hour), affording an uncluttered environment. TV only devotes approximately 1/3 of TV time to commercials and newspapers devote about  2/3 of the paper to ad copy. As most of you know, social media users are overwhelmed with advertising and can sometimes tune it out.
  • Radio ads are less likely to be surrounded by a competitor’s spots.
  • Radio reaches consumers close to the location and time of purchase. Radio often reaches listeners in their cars while driving to stores, restaurants, etc.  I often change my mind on what to eat after I hear a radio ad that influences my decision.
  • Depending on where consumers are in their stages of the purchase cycle — ongoing radio ads keep advertisers front and center when people are ready to buy.
  • Radio listeners are often emotionally connected to their preferred stations, which can help consumers become interested in the advertised product or service.
  • Radio is an excellent call to action.
  • Radio complements other media and can increase a consumer’s recall of TV, newspaper, Internet ads, etc.  They may not have remembered the internet ad alone, but after hearing about it on the radio, it triggered the “I’ve heard that before” thought.
  • Because radio is an audio-only medium, it stimulates parts of the brain that video, print, online images typically do not.
  • Radio is a proven medium in driving website traffic.
  • Radio production (putting the radio ad together) costs less than TV, print, and some other forms of production.
  • A radio spot is less expensive to buy than other forms of major media, which gives advertisers the ability to advertise more in order to create greater reach and frequency.