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Founded on the principles of tenacity, perseverance, and a no-drama style of taking care of business, our Rockwall online marketing services company digs into the character and soul of your business to create effective communication programs focused on connecting you with your best customers. The Junkyard Dog, Dan Shaughnessy, applied the principles he developed as a young Marine to his foray into the radio advertising world. In doing so, Dan earned his nickname – Junkyard Dog – given to him by an early career mentor who was impressed with his tenacity and by the way he treated each and every client, big and small. Dan’s mentor said he dug up even the smallest, unknown clients and helped them advertise their business in a way that was best suited for their business needs. He treated clients as if he owned the business himself and wouldn’t stop until he was confident the right plan was in place.

Over the course of more than 20 years in the advertising industry, Dan has helped businesses grow through several forms of media, including broadcast, print, and digital marketing. Whether it’s helping a business create their own brand, build websites, or enter into the world of digital marketing, broadcast or print media, our Rockwall online marketing company brings together a highly talented group of media specialists capable of tailoring a focused message and delivering it through modern, traditional, or unique avenues. Since Junkyard Dog Marketing is not limited to any single form of customer acquisition communication, our team is able to drive your message in a way that fits your business. In fact, we love a good creative challenge! If you have a creative vision and are not sure in which direction to go, we would love to give it a shot. If we can’t help you, we will certainly try to point you in the right direction through our network of first-class talent.

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