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SEO or Google Ad Words? How should I build my business with Google?

This depends on the nature of your business and what you are trying to accomplish.
Google is in the business of giving us what we’re looking for. They do it through paid ads and by ranking organically the websites that provide the best content.

So what is the difference between Google Ad Words and SEO?
Google Ad Words will get your ad on the first page by paying a higher price. You’re not paying for the views, only the clicks your ad receives. The cost per click is based on the popularity of the keyword and how many advertisers want it. As an advertiser, you set your daily budget based on the cost per click, ensuring that you pay no more than that. Once an advertiser stops paying for their ads, the position goes away. Think of Google Ad Words like buying real estate for a business. If a business wants to be in the high traffic position, they pay for the location.
SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is the process of optimizing a website to increase the number of visitors. Again, Google is in the business of giving their customers what they are looking for. Therefore, when a website is optimized it gets moved up in the rankings. SEO is not paid advertising, it’s an optimized website. However, if a business cannot optimize their own website, then hiring an SEO company might be beneficial for them in growing their business.

So when should a business use Google Ad Words and when should a business use SEO?
The short answer is Google Ad Words if a business is looking to drive immediate sales. Google Ad Words provides more immediate results. Your ad is marked as an advertisement. There’s no question about the business’s intent.

SEO is the answer if your business is based more on credibility and authority in your industry. The business’s website is ranked high because of the content and the connections of the website. Google is moving it up because it has credibility. SEO is a longer term process. It could take a few months of SEO for a business to start ranking.

How do SEO and Ad Words Work Together?
SEO and Google Ad Words can work well when done together. Ad Words will move a business up to the top immediately, while the SEO process catches up. Once a business gets ranked high from SEO, they can choose to adjust their Google Ad Words.

Ultimately, it depends on the business’s individual needs, goals and budget. Before any business spends money on marketing and advertising, they should always do a thorough needs analysis to discover their strengths, target customer, competition, etc. and have a strategy put in place. Junkyard Dog Marketing can help. Give us a call at (214) 455-8807 or email us at

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