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Looking to hire an SEO company? Some things you might want to know first.

1. Know what market your business works best with and work with your SEO company to help you build a plan to get you noticed in a Google search. The market your business works best with should be broken down geographically, demographically, and by lifestyle. From here, your SEO company should be able to do an analysis of the relative keywords being searched in your market, assess the competition and help you determine the best path to success.

2. Your SEO company should be able to help you know the proper keywords that pertain to your target market. This is important because you want to stay in a highly searched keyword that is relative to your business. Some keywords may sound great, but if they are not being used in searches they are not going to help you. Or, some searches may not be relevant to your market. For instance, if your business is targeted toward high quality and service you want to make sure your keywords don’t attract the price shoppers. They are two different types of consumers.

3. SEO is a long game. Depending on where you are currently ranked and where your competitors are ranked, it could easily take 6 months to a year before you start to see the benefit from SEO. With that said, the longer term benefits are extremely valuable. The SEO that is built into your website is there to stay unlike a PPC ad that goes away once you stop paying. In addition, with SEO, your business is being noticed by the curious minds who are looking for a business like your business, meaning that they are a much warmer lead then someone who just happens to notice your ad somewhere.

4. Make sure your SEO company stays accountable and on point for your business. In the beginning they should have done an analysis of your business, your best customer, your competition, and the areas being searched. You should get a report every month of the monthly deliverables and results. It should demonstrate the work is being done and that results are happening because of that.

In summary, when you hire an SEO company think of it the same way that you would hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer has to do an assessment of who you are, where you are in your current fitness, your lifestyle, and where you want to go. From there a plan is put into place, the trainer works with you on a regular basis to get you where you want to go. Things don’t happen overnight it takes time and regular practice. But with practice you get stronger, healthier, look, better, and feel better. Same goes with your business and a good SEO partner.

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