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Are you speaking your customer’s love language or barfing on them?

When your business has so much to offer to your customers and you are dying to help them it’s easy to fall into the trap of barfing out all your features and benefits in hope your customer will see your value. Here’s the hard truth, your customer does not care about your business. When it comes to spending their money on what they want it’s all about them and rightfully so. If you want to get their attention, want them to read your post, or interrupt them with an ad, it better have meaning to them. The best way to do that is learning their love language. This is the language that speaks to their deeper emotions and causes them to say to them self, “okay what do I need to do to make this work”.

Humans are emotional beings that use logic to build the case in order to fulfill an emotion. Nobody really likes to make their insurance payments, but we never miss them because they protect us from the worst case scenarios. What about the couple on TV show that’s looking at purchasing their dream home with a budget of no more than 400k that suddenly gets excited and makes an offer on a home for 435k. What about the family photo at Disney World holding a $9 for a hot dog, wearing mouse ears, Disney character t shirts that cost way more than you would ever paid at home. It’s because somewhere in spending process, making the insurance payment made you feel secure because it protects you against the worst case scenario, you knew that house was going to be your home to be filled with memories. You knew that your time at Disney World was going to be a memory to cherish forever. So how does your business take away someone’s pain, their fear, their anxiety? How does your business provide experience that lasts a lifetime? How does your business move somebody away from pain and into pleasure?

Are you a heating and air company that fixes and installs air conditioning units and heaters? Or does your business help keep a family comfortable in their home. Depending on where you live, some seasons can be downright cruel because they are either hot, cold or severe allergies.

Are you a home audio video company that does installation and maintenance? Or in your business are you an artist that learns the desires and needs of your client so you can design and build a home theater system that will create some of the fondest family time.

Are you a pest control business that sprays for bugs or does your business protect a families biggest investment from the damage insects and rodents can do to a home?

Are you a financial advisor or do you do you provide comfort to families by helping them get on track to meet their financial needs?

Do you sell clothes or do you make people look like a million bucks?

So how do you learn their love language? Engage them, ask questions, be curious, be genuinely concerned about how you might be able to help someone. When you show enough interest in your customer and take the time to understand them, they will let you know what matters. I challenge you to communicate your business from that perspective if you have not already. It will open up a collaboration that will get you connected with the type of customers you love to work with and they will love working with you. They will find comfort in knowing that you understand them and you will feel rewarded by knowing your helping them.

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